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  • Yin Yoga with Gwen & Dianne

    Cultivate stillness and calm in a busy schedule with this hour-long Yin Yoga practice. Follow along as Gwen leads Dianne in a practice designed to calm and soothe the nervous system. You might choose to wear socks for warmth and have a bolster, blankets and blocks nearby to support your practice....

  • Core Values Practice with Dianne & Christina

    A strong core is critical to mobility and stability both on and off the mat. Join Dianne and Christina for a 45-minute vinyasa flow that will build heat in the body while strengthening your abdominals and back.

  • 20 Minutes to Bliss with Dianne & Christine

    This class was recorded in December of 2012. There is a little static in the audio at the beginning but it clears up in the first minute.

    Join Dianne and Christine for a vigorous 20-minute practice that will leave you feeling blissful and ready to face whatever your day has in store. If the prac...

  • Yoga for Knee Pain

    Have sensitive knees? You can still do yoga! This 30-minute includes gentle knee movements and standing poses, but skips kneeling and weight-bearing poses on the knees. You might want to have a sturdy chair, a bolster and blocks available for this practice.

  • Yin Yoga with Gwen & Candy

    Join Gwen and Candy for a soothing hour-long Yin Yoga practice as a way to combat the overstimulation of modern life. Settle into longer held postures, supported by props and a smooth and steady breath. You might want a blanket, bolster, blocks, eye bag and other props to support your practice.

  • 30-Minute Gentle, Stress-Relieving Practice with Dianne & Christine

    When life gets stressful, time on your mat can make all the difference. Join Dianne and Christine in a 30-minute gentle yoga practice focused on helping you let go of stress and cultivate calmness and ease. You might want a blanket, blocks and bolster for this practice.