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Watch this video and more on Yoga For Everyone

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Practice Makes Permanent

Beginner Yoga Classes • 30m

Up Next in Beginner Yoga Classes

  • Strengthening Your Core

    This core-strengthening sequence will strengthen the everyday power movements of extending, bending, and twisting.

    Breathing Practice: Ujjayi breath (aka: Fogging the Mirror breath)

    Props to try: Blocks.

    Poses in this sequence:
    Bridge Pose
    Wind Relieving Pose
    Bridge Pose
    Easy Pose

  • Take Rest: The Ultimate Savasana Prac...

    Almost every single yoga practice ends in Savasana, or corpse pose. This important posture is designed to allow you to absorb the benefits of your practice. This pose should honour your body and allow you to completely rest. It’s important that this pose feels comfortable for you! If you’re worki...

  • 10-Minute Balance Practice

    Balance is a skill that gets better with practice. This 10-minute balance practice will help you feel more stable on one foot.