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  • Fusion Fitness with Dianne Bondy

    Incorporate yoga, pilates, and strength training altogether for a full-body experience. In this session, I am using 10-pound & 3-pound weights but grab a weight size or weight alternative that is accessible for you!

    Remember, we are moving our bodies because we can rather than taking our bodies ...

  • Knees-Free Chair Flow

    Feel like moving your body through vinyasa flow, but prefer not to kneel? This 27-minute practice was created especially for you! Using a chair as a prop to stabilize you through a variety of poses, this practice moves slowly and mindfully through dynamic standing and balance poses.

  • 10-Minute Meditation Practice

    A regular meditation practice can make a huge difference in how you feel. This 10-minute seated meditation includes three simple tools you can use to keep your mind focused and present, making it a perfect meditation practice for beginners. Practice it every day for a week and see how reconnectin...

  • I Am, I Will, I Can: Intention Setting Practice

    Make time to set intentions for the year, for the month, or for your day with this hour and a half yoga practice. Intentions guide our choices from day to day and hour to hour. If it's time to pause, listen to your inner guidance and set some new intentions, this practice will help you do the work.

  • Fire Up Your Core Vinyasa Flow (intermediate)

    Remember, it's not all or nothing; it's all or something. That's the attitude I want you to have on your mat today. Make each posture accessible to you. And if you don't know how to do so, I'm here to show you! Truth be told, if I'm doing a class online and the instructor is moving us through a p...

  • Vinyasa to Yin: Moving Into Stillness

    Craving both movement and stillness? Wishing you could slow down but need to move your body first? This 57-minute practice starts with slow flow vinyasa to warm and stretch your muscles, then transitions to the longer holds of a Yin Yoga practice, allowing you to go deep into stillness. Experienc...

  • Ashtanga-Inspired Practice with Adrian Molina

    Curious about Ashtanga yoga? Maybe you've heard about this traditional style of yoga and wondered what it's all about. Adrian Molina leads you through an Ashtanga-inspired practice that allows you to experience the structure of the Ashtanga primary series with the opportunity to customize the pos...

  • Hands-Free Vinyasa: Standing Practice Focused on Balance

    If you have sore wrists or sore shoulders, you might think that a vinyasa yoga practice isn't an option for you. Try a hands-free practice instead! Get your flow on without any poses like downward dog, up dog or plank in this challenging hands-free standing practice. You'll work your balance and ...

  • Yoga For Everyone

    3 seasons

    You can do yoga and Yoga For Everyone will show you how! Get ready to:
    - Explore 50 common yoga poses,
    - Learn how to adapt each pose to feel good in your body
    - Use props to find ease and stability in each posture
    - Put what you’ve learned to use in 10 unique sequences you can practice anytime...

  • Full Body Stretch and Strengthen

    In this vinyasa-style yoga practice, get ready to stretch and strengthen your entire body as you move through postures that will make your body feel capable and strong! Remember, every posture has a layer that is suitable for your body. Explore what feels good in your body and maybe even try a po...

  • Mommy and Me Yoga with Dr. Son Nguyen

    Focusing on strengthening and elongating movement for mom, post-birth, as well as movement for the baby. This 15-minute routine is designed to create a deeper connection between mother and baby. This routine is best for newborns 0-4 months, or before they have begun to crawl. With instruction fro...

  • Prenatal Yoga with Dr. Son

    Begin with a breathwork practice that will help with stress during pregnancy as well as through labor.
    Move from seated to standing postures increasing hip, core, and pelvic floor strength through gentle asana and detailed instruction from Dr. Son Nguyen.
    Use as many props as you need to maximize...