Just 10 Minutes

Just 10 Minutes

Busy day ahead? Squeeze in some time on your mat with a practice that will only take 10 minutes or less!

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Just 10 Minutes
  • 10-Minute Refresh: Vinyasa + Relaxation

    Whether I've got nervous energy to burn, am feeling stressed or simply feel a little low energy, some days I need a mid-day refresh. A quick, 10-minute practice that incorporates an active vinyasa practice with relaxation at the end is just what I need to step off my mat, balanced and ready to fi...

  • 10-Minute Meditation Practice

    A regular meditation practice can make a huge difference in how you feel. This 10-minute seated meditation includes three simple tools you can use to keep your mind focused and present, making it a perfect meditation practice for beginners. Practice it every day for a week and see how reconnectin...

  • Just 10 Minutes: Yoga Plus Lower Body Strengthening

    If your schedule is packed full and there's no time for a full-length workout, spend ten minutes on your mat moving through yoga shapes and low impact strength exercises for the lower body. Just 10 minutes and you're back to your day!

  • Just 10 Minutes: Mid-Day Pick-Me-Up

    Feeling an afternoon energy slump? Bypass that cup of coffee or chai and energize your body with a 10-minute vinyasa yoga practice instead! We'll explore two variations of the flow: one for those days when you'd like to conserve energy and the other for the days when you'd like a little more chal...

  • 10-Minute Balance Practice for All Levels

    Wishing you had more balance in your life? This 10-minute balanced-focused vinyasa practice is a quick way to move your body while cultivating a sense of sure stability and ease. Simple poses and movements are suitable for everyone, challenging new and experienced practitioners alike.

  • 10-Minute Vinyasa with Foam Rolling + Therapy Balls

    Get moving with this 10-minute vinyasa flow. Then roll out any sore spots in your muscles and fascia with a foam roller and/or therapy balls.

  • Intermediate Quick Pick Me Up Practice

    Feeling that 2 PM slump? This intermediate yoga practice is the perfect 10-minute pick-me-up for when you need more energy and would rather skip another cup of coffee or tea. Get ready to move your body in this challenging flow and step off your mat with more energy than when you started.

  • 10-Minute Balance Practice

    Balance is a skill that gets better with practice. This 10-minute balance practice will help you feel more stable on one foot.

  • Get Back to Your Mat, Part 1

    Sometimes life gets in the way of maintaining a consistent yoga practice. This is the first class in a four-class series where we will look at getting back to your mat after some time away. Also good for new students.

    This video will show you how you can start a practice with only three minutes ...

  • Yoga at Work

    If you work at a desk, you might find that you spend most of your day in one position. Step away from your desk once or twice a day and use this 9-minute practice to stretch and feel energized.

  • Handless Vinyasa Practice

    Get moving without putting weight in your hands with this 7-minute vinyasa flow.

  • Get Back to Your Mat: Part 2 - A 3 Minute Sun Salute

    In this second part of the Back to Your Mat series, we take a short three minute Sun Salute. Sun Salutation, or Surya Namaskar can be the foundation of your practice. They are easy to build upon and modify to your needs.

    Props to try: Blocks.

    Poses in the sequence:
    Forward Fold
    Half L...

  • Get Back to Your Mat: Part 3 - A 7-minute Practice

    Build upon the practices from parts 1 and 2 of this series. Today we take a Sun Salutation and repeat it a few times, with and without blocks.

    Props you can try: Blocks.

    Poses in the sequence:
    Forward Fold
    Half Lift
    Downward Facing Dog
    Knees Chest Chin
    Three Legged Do...

  • Get Back to Your Mat: Part 4 - The 10 Minute Practice

    In this Fourth Part to the Get Back to Your Mat series we will take the Sun Salutation, or Surya Namaskar, and add a warrior series and some other things to help you make a regular yoga practice part of your life.

    Props to try: Blocks.

    Poses in this sequence:
    Crescent Moon
    Forward Fol...

  • Chair Flow

    Think that you can't practice vinyasa in a chair? Think again! This short but powerful practice will show you how to translate common yoga poses into a a fully-seated practice.

  • Strength Building Practice

    Find strength in your practice and in your life by taking your yoga practice upside down.

  • Yoga for Bigger Bodies: Happy Hamstrings

    Explore a simple, yet effective vinyasa class that focuses on giving your hamstrings some love. Using props to move through accessible asana while connecting the breath and flow, this class is rated "E" for everyone.

  • Yoga For Bigger Bodies: Vinyasa

    Moving from one pose to the next in a classic Sun Salutation or in an interesting flowing style can feel like dancing. But, it can also be painful, uncomfortable and inaccessible! When transitions are quick in pace, it can be easy to feel left behind. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to customize...

  • Yoga for Bigger Bodies: Goddess Flow

    Celebrating our inner Goddess with this fun flow. This vinyasa flow is focussed on opening our hips and exploring the power of bodies through the connection of breath.

  • 5 Minutes of Sun Salutes

    Spend five minutes on sun salutations to feel energized and awake, even when you're short on time.

  • Wake Up and Go Flow: A Morning Practice

    This 7-minute flow practice is great to get moving in the morning or anytime you could use a bit of extra energy.

    Props: 2 blocks.

  • Day 20: BONUS Video - Yoga For Everyone 21-Day Challenge

    Join Dianne for a bonus post-cycling practice from Day 20 of the Yoga for Everyone 21-Day Challenge.

  • Down Dog Reboot

    Give your down dog a once over with this practice that looks at how to adapt a change down dog based on your needs.

  • Yoga For Bigger Bodies: Building Strong Foundations

    Building a strong foundation can make you feel more powerful and can help relieve joint and back pain because you are standing more powerfully in your base