Yoga for Bigger and Plus-Sized Bodies

Yoga for Bigger and Plus-Sized Bodies

You can do yoga, no matter the size of your body. Explore these yoga practices that were created especially for folks in larger bodies.

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Yoga for Bigger and Plus-Sized Bodies
  • Yoga For Bigger Bodies: Building Strong Foundations

    Building a strong foundation can make you feel more powerful and can help relieve joint and back pain because you are standing more powerfully in your base

  • Yoga for Larger Bodies, Episode 1

    If you are new to yoga and living in a larger body, this practice is a great place to start. Learn to adapt yoga poses to fit your body.

  • Sun Salutes For Larger Bodies

    Experience both relaxation and movement in your practice with this sun salutation-based flow.

  • Yoga For Bigger Bodies: Vinyasa

    Moving from one pose to the next in a classic Sun Salutation or in an interesting flowing style can feel like dancing. But, it can also be painful, uncomfortable and inaccessible! When transitions are quick in pace, it can be easy to feel left behind. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to customize...

  • Yoga for Bigger Bodies: Goddess Flow

    Celebrating our inner Goddess with this fun flow. This vinyasa flow is focussed on opening our hips and exploring the power of bodies through the connection of breath.

  • Yoga for Bigger Bodies: Flowing with a Twist

    Twisting can be challenging in larger bodies. In this vinyasa flow class, we explore how to make twists more accessible and fun while flowing with the breath.

  • Yoga For Bigger Bodies: Building Power / Warrior Flow

    Power yoga doesn't have to be fast to be powerful. Moving through poses a bit more slowly can help us feel our strength. In this class, we tap into our inner warrior by exploring warrior poses.

  • Childs Pose for Round Bellies

    Explore how to make child's pose accessible if you have an abundant middle without moving your knees further apart.

  • Yoga for Bigger Bodies: Happy Hamstrings

    Explore a simple, yet effective vinyasa class that focuses on giving your hamstrings some love. Using props to move through accessible asana while connecting the breath and flow, this class is rated "E" for everyone.

  • Yoga for Bigger Bodies 1

    Learn to adjust yoga to fit your body. Explore this 33-minute yoga practice created specifically with larger bodies in mind.

  • Yoga for Bigger Bodies 3

    If you are experiencing low back pain or stiffness and you're in a larger body, this 50-minute practice was created especially with you in mind.

  • Yoga For Bigger Bodies 2

    This 55-minute vinyasa practice builds heat in the body, opens the shoulders and increases core strength.

  • Yoga for Bigger Bodies 4

    A class created especially for those of us practising in plus-sized bodies. This class with a focus on opening the hips and shoulders and is designed for helping us make peace with our bodies.

  • Chair Workout with Louise Green

    Standing up isn't required in order to get a full body work! In this video, Louise Green of Big Fit Girl leads you through a 24-minute strength and cardio practice that works the major muscles of the body all from a seated position. Louise shows you how to dial the practice up or down based on yo...