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Thread the Needle / Parsva Balasana

2m 46s

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    Seated Forward Fold stretches the back of the body and calms the mind. In this video we explore how to:
    - Adapt the pose by raising your seat on a blanket or other prop
    - Support the knees with a rolled blanket
    - Use a strap to make it easier to reach your feet

    Props to try: Blanket. Strap.


  • Locust / Salabhasana

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    - Use a block to engage the pelvic floor
    - Adjust the position of the arms and the legs to ch...

  • Shoulder Stand / Sarvangasana

    Flip your relationship to gravity, experiencing inversion in Shoulder Stand. In this video, we explore how to:
    - Use a blanket or blankets to support the shoulders, allowing the neck to maintain its curve
    - Find support in the pose using a block under the pelvis
    - Use the wall for stability as yo...