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Morning Practice

6m 41s

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  • A Bed Time Practice

    Enjoy a yoga practice that prepares you for a good night's sleep. Wrap up a long day with this grounding and calming sequence. Gentle movement and mindful breathing get you ready for a restful night’s sleep.

    Breathing: Square breathing. Sama Vritti.

    Props to try: Bolster. Blocks.

    Poses in this...

  • Sun Salutations / Surya Namaskar

    Sun salutations are a traditional yoga warm-up sequence that energises and stretches the entire body. This practice includes the elements of a classic sun salutation along with a few extra postures to challenge balance and increase strength.

    Breathing: Ujjayi breath (aka: Fogging the Mirror brea...

  • Easing Back Pain

    This sequence can offer relief from back pain or help keep a strong back supple.

    Breathing: Sama Vritti (Equal Inhales and Exhales) or Ujjayi breath (aka: Fogging the Mirror breath)

    Props to try: Strap. Blocks.

    Poses in this sequence:
    Wind Relieving Pose
    Reclining Hand to Big Toe
    Revolved Hand...