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Watch this video and more on Yoga For Everyone

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Strengthening Your Core


Up Next in Sequences

  • Building Strength

    This strength-building sequence helps increase physical and mental stability that will benefit you both on and off the mat.

    Breathing: Sama Vritti (aka Equal Inhales and Exhales)

    Props to try: Blocks. Strap.

    Poses in this sequence:
    Forward Fold
    Half Lift
    Low Lunge
    Downward Dog

  • Relieving Stress

    Sixteen minutes of breath and movement to help tame the stresses that can negatively impact all facets of our lives.

    Breathing: Square Breathing and Nadi Shodhana (aka: Alternate Nostril Breathing).

    Props to try: Bolster.

    Poses in this sequence:
    Easy Pose
    Butterfly (or Revolved Fire Log)

  • Yoga at the Wall

    Play with a whole sequence of poses that can be done at or in conjunction with the wall.

    Breathing: Ujjayi breath (aka: Fogging the Mirror breath)

    Props to try: Wall.

    Poses in this sequence:
    Legs Up the Wall
    Bridge Pose
    Hand to Big Toe Pose
    Bridge Pose (or Shoulder Stand)